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Buying Local in Lockdown

I wanted to keep my blog free from posts regarding the running of my business specifically, and also to keep my personal posts to a minimum. That being said, now more than ever every order counts and I have a request to make of all of my readers.

As some of you reading this may already know I have always supported my business with the money from my part-time employment. Unfortunately, like many others, I no longer have this income due to the pandemic. Getting this source of income back after normality resumes is not a given so I am relying on the money brought in though my self-employment, through my business Bon Chocolat.

I don’t wish to tell you a sob story (tiny violins away!), but rather add my voice to the call to encourage everyone to endeavour to buy local and independent where they can.

If you’ve been meaning to replace that fence panel for months, there’ll likely be many local traders at your beck and call. If you’re looking for a unique gift or a way to celebrate Father’s Day (it’ll be here before you know it), have a look at what’s on offer from a local gift shop, bakery, confectioner, florist etc. I can guarantee every one of us will thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will provide a product and service that is made with love from start to finish, not to mention in many cases a level of personalisation you can only find from artisan makers, myself included.

To bring it down to a personal level, I can’t speak for other businesses, only my own. No matter how many orders I have received over the years each and every one that comes through my ‘virtual’ door makes me do a happy dance (though I’m sure that’s not just me). To me, you are as special as customer no. 1 or customer no. 1,000,000.

From the moment you get in contact with me you’re talking with a person. I’m here to answer any and every question you may have. I can offer ideas backed by experience, whether you’re wanting something different for a chocoholic friend or trying to work to a budget. I pride myself on a personal service from our introduction to the level of detail within your chocolate or cake. This is exemplified through the amount of personalisation available within my products – something you wouldn’t find within a shop bought cake or chocolate box for example.

By buying handmade you get years of training, experience and passion going into every product and service. I take great pride in my work and every order has to be perfect before it leaves my studio. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the sun rise, re-doing or perfecting an order before heading to the Post Office. To me, I’m spreading happiness and love through every order I complete. I don’t always know the end recipient but I know they’ll be happy to receive my produce and I know you will too.

I’m sure you’ve seen the images and other articles doing the rounds on social media about how buying local keeps sons and daughters in dance lessons and football boots. And yes, on an individual level it does do that, but we also feed into the greater local economy and local employment. Small businesses in the UK account for 60% of all private-sector employment (if you had no idea it was that much don’t worry, neither did I until writing this).

As sole traders it also greatly feeds into our mental and physical welfare, including our ‘business confidence’. Many of us often lie awake at night wondering whether this month’s turnover will allow us to pay the bills or where we can sacrifice spend or our wages in order to replace or mend a piece of vital machinery, or even just meet our needs for marketing, production, sourcing and more. I’m no different. By buying from a trader such as myself you help take a great weight off our minds.

If you’re thinking ‘I’d love to buy local and independent but I just can’t afford it right now’, don’t worry. There are ways to support us without it costing you a thing.

  • See a post of ours on Facebook? Please Like it, or even better ‘Love’ it, ‘Wow’ it, Share it or tag a friend in the comments.

  • Found us on Instagram? Please Love it, comment on it and repost it

  • Purchased the product? Please Review us, post photographs and tag us.

There are so many ways to support us, and it would mean the world if you could spare an extra moment next time you’re browsing your feed and come across my post.

If you have bought something from me in the past or plan to in the future, I hope this blog has shown you a little insight into the extent that I am grateful for your order. I truly am thankful and if you think I say ‘thank you’ rather a lot in our conversations, you now know why :P

Stay safe and keep washing those hands =]

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Please note, We are currently unable to deliver our products outside of the UK.

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