Our 5-tier chocolate fountains are the perfect talking point of any wedding, birthday, new year celebration and more.

We are dedicated to high-quality, ‘real’ chocolate and believe that unnecessary ingredients like fats and oils compromise flavour and quality. The chocolate used in our fountains has been specifically crafted to ensure a silky- smooth finish, incredible aroma and sensational taste.

Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate fountain in use
Dipped chocolate strawberries

Here at Bon Chocolat we specialise in adding the personal touch. Our 5-tier chocolate fountains are the perfect centre piece for any occasion and each package can be tailored to your guests. Simply choose your type of chocolate and what you'd like to dip.

Platinum Package

Starting at £5.50 per person*

(recommended for events with over 90 people):

2 x 5-Tier chocolate fountains

12 x Dipping additions
6 x Toppings

Gold Package

Starting at £4.50 per person*:

1 5-Tier chocolate fountain
8 Dipping additions
4 Toppings

Silver Package

Starting at £3.50 per person*

(recommended for approx 40 people):

1 5-Tier chocolate fountain
6 Dipping additions
3 Toppings

Dipping Additions:
Strawberries • Melon • Brioche • Marshmallows
Brioche • Honeycomb • Crystalised Ginger • Pretzels • Mango

Meringue • Cherries • Raspberries • Blackberries • Oranges Cinnamon bread • Rice Krispie treats • Banana Bread

Chopped nuts • Chilli Flakes • Crisp pearls • Coconut
Coloured sprinkles • Chocolate curls • Cinnamon
Mini Marshmallows • Vermicelli •
Dried Fruit

Please note additional charges apply (upgrades, delivery and setup, damages, etc) and a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your booking. Minimum price may apply. Dipping additions and toppings my vary at time of booking and may alter pricing; please check for availability. Fountain hire packages include display stands, plates, napkins, skewers and other accessories. Chocolate fountains (including chocolate) can be hired separately. 

Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire - 
Delivering our services across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk

Please note, We are currently unable to deliver our products outside of the UK.

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